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Jul 5, 2023 · At the end of the day.. I love to check my emails to see if you have messaged. I might not agree always. But love to hear your explanation and exspirences .. adds to the tapestry of life .thanks Clif. Long may you share your insights and understandings. And long may I enjoy them. Plus I love people's comments etc . Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. Clif High: Heavy Metal! Aether Pirates of the Matterium! Godparticle. Apr 9, 2023. Share this post ... Pirates of the Matterium! Heavy Metal! Listen now (29 min) | … Listen now. 5 months ago · 1131 likes · 183 comments · clif high [00:00:01] Hello, humans. Hello ...I've lost 30+ pounds this last winter, (Thanksgiving, Christmas, pies, cakes, Hollidays) wondered why, now I know, been using Lard, Bacon grease, Butter for the last year, not because I knew this, but because I didn't like all the price increases on cooking oils. Lard, Butter and Bacon were cheaper. Thanks Again Mister HighClif High - TRENCH WOO - EXPLORERS' GUIDE TO SCIFI WORLD. Clif High. 6. 38:28. Clif High - SPILLING WOO - EXPLORERS' GUIDE TO SCIFI WORLD. Clif High. 7. 28:23. Clif High - WOO OUT AT TEH PARDIGM CORRAL - EXPLORERS' GUIDE TO SCIFI WORLD.Clif, love hearing you share your insights. Appreciate & thank you for taking time out of your busy day. Happy walking with your pups 💕

Watch the Water. The Watch The Water "documentary" is being passed around the net like a blunt at a Rastafarian dinner party. Blunts are good. This 'documentary' is not good. In my opinion. The principal player in this "documentary" is a Dr. Byron Ardis, who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist. This is a problem as the Doctor is ...

Fucking deadly Clif. If there's one thing I've learned over the last couple of years (not so much learned, as being hit with a sledge hammer) is GRATITUDE. I'm even grateful for the gratitude, if that makes sense. Very Woo .👽

I am hoping and praying for a better world to come out of all this (and for rain to snuff out the forest fires here in Canada).What you are saying, Clif, is music to my ears! We need to stop fighting wars for the KM profits! I'm coming to view the war in Ukraine as George Soros' war. You can't say that without vicious attacks even in Republican clubs in Nevada. The protection of Soros is so thick it sucks all the air out of any legitimate political process.OK Clif, I'm 82 and I'm ready! Considering what I'd contribute, I decided I didn't want to do anything 'against' such as 'No more...anything' because I prefer to focus on 'creating'. So I am writing a manual, using creative and collaborative principles to help people BE Joy!May 25, 2023 · I just read a Substack from Dana Loesch, where she recapped the DeSantis interview on Twitter. Everything he said he would do is the same thing Trump has already done, and will continue to do when re-elected, to turn this marxist takeover around. DeSantis won't admit the 2020 election was stolen.

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Jul 20, 2023 · DS: Kissenger, Blinken, Sullivan, Kerry, Gates, Fauci, Brennan, Avril Haines, Janet Yellen. Watching the DS go to China. August is a shut down time for most of Europe that has much of government to be on vacation. I'm not a Bible thumper but here it is. In the end they will all turn on each other, destroying themselves because their house is ...

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- Clif High Substack 20230928 - Splits Happen… September 27, 2023 ...Listen now (29 mins) | rest of this year into 2024clif high. Jul 1, 2022. 502. ... Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 177. Share. The suspiciously elected governor of the State of Washington, one Jay Inslee, is a member of a global criminal gang calling itself the World Economic Forum (the WEF).I’m getting the feeling that the USAcorp is so far in debt that they are selling off the “Assets” to the big guys at the BRICS. Joe is heading to Alaska for 9/11, and I’m making some beer bets that it’s next.Apr 1, 2022 · The rest of the loaf is quite regular for a high hydration loaf. i use an additional 150 grams of warm water to which i add 7 grams of yeast. Setting this aside for about 10 minutes, to freshen, i collect another 300 grams of white flour in a bowl & add 7 grams of salt.

This is a collection of books that Clif High deems as important to humanity—or at least influential—based on the number of times he mentions them. Skip to content. Clif High Videos. ... - Clif High Substack 20231004 – …half past human. adventures in future viewing . Contact. clif high bitchute channel. @clif_high on twitter. SciFi World Channel on Telegram- Clif High Substack 20230928 - Splits Happen… September 27, 2023 ...Appears in this episode. Episode details. 74 comments. least under Trump i lived like a human being, ate three meals day instead of one or two and had all my firewood bought, split and stacked by the end ofAugust.clif_high Just tweeted ***** @inciteAmovement it is easiest, in the deadly Art of Peace, to throw people when they run at you full speed, thus the wise/lazy aikidoka will irritate the fuck out of them until they attack & then control is lost to them. O'sensei was very wise. One inch over your control point & you throw self.Listen now (21 mins) | Chew your food!

Humans do lots of things well. Other things, eh, not so much. Biology is among the latter. There's that word again, "biology". 'Bio' means 'life', and '-ology' means "to study".Subscribe to clif's Newsletter Podcast to get a private link for listening in your favorite podcast player. Learn about RSS.

Sep 22, 2023 · Princes of Light. - by clif high. Yes, there are very ancient texts that describe the metal gold, being prepared, then consumed (along with the blood and fats of human children) by the gods. There are other languages where ancient texts also speak to the consumption of prepared gold by the ‘gods’. Most notably, we find this in ancient ... El of a situation - by clif high. 276 more comments... Substack is the home for great writing.Listen now (30 min) | Are you poisoning your body habitually?The primary function of a legislator is not formation of law, but rather, direction of Spending from the Public Purse. Central banking is reckoned from 1688 with the formation of the Swedish central bank. The most recent, and current, of the four central banks here in the USA dates to 1913 for formal creation.We find a more direct comparison with the high end "eggs benedict" breakfast that was quite popular in New Orleans in the 1920s and is still offered today in the same venues in a more or less unchanged form. The cost in 1920 for the high end eggs benedict breakfast was $1.05 (on average), and now is $18.45 (on average). None the less, go to ...- Clif High Substack 20231004 - Personal Discipline. October 4, 2023 - Clif High Substack 20231004 - Happy Trails… October 4, 2023 - Clif High BitChute ...

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Other. Woo are you? Human? Flat? Or Exceptional?

clif high. Jan 19, 2023. ... Time Yet Remains! Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 404. Share. Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~# 4. January 19, 2023. Time Yet Remains! But you must hurry! We, the People, blame ourselves! Obviously, we need to work harder to impress upon you the lateness of the hour! These ...3 days =9 skipped meals, at that point, people will riot and empty the grocery stores in violent fashion.clif high. Mar 22, 2022 ... Legislator Be Advised #15. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 70. Share. Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #15. March 22, 2022. YOUR BIG PROBLEM! Politicians FOLLOW, they do not lead! Note that these missives inform you WEEKS in advance of the events that will be manifesting!This is a collection of books that Clif High deems as important to humanity—or at least influential—based on the number of times he mentions them. Skip to content. Clif High Videos. ... - Clif High Substack 20231004 – …Carbon Chips! Listen now (32 mins) | Yummy! Tasty! Photonic! Importance of melanin in our light-based anatomy and how future medicine will be based on light. Tension is super high and can only be released by a 9/11-style event. 00:30 Space aliens used our brains to control their spaceships; Neurosurgeon Jack Kruse on ...Clif is 100% wrong on the origins of humans. He had some transcendental experiences where he encountered Luciferic beings who downloaded some cool info on him AND their own upside-down orientation towards the Creator and the Creation which they hate. Clif, impressed by the cool info he got, swallowed the rest hook, line and sinker.👏 coffee and weeding … “I like my coffee black, and my tea in the harbor” 😂 . Irritated Officialdom — my favorite kind 🇺🇸May 7, 2023 · Put a rock of Shungite in my cat's water bowls years ago. Noticed they drank more water, unusual for cats. Have 3 that get C60 in coconut oil daily, two are 20 with perfect bloodwork. One is 23 pounds, no diabetes. I take the C60 as well. It's great stuff. I will now wear a pendant as well. Thanks, Clif! Other. Woo are you? Human? Flat? Or Exceptional?

Listen now (32 mins) | Irregular WAR: 4th Gen Warfareclif high. Apr 18, 2023 ... Stating the Obvious. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 166. Share. Stating the obvious. Some of you apparently didn't get the memo. This is a Binary Matterium. That is the design pattern, everything arises from a binary condition. Even the Matterium itself arises from a binary ...- Clif High Substack 20231004 - Personal Discipline. October 4, 2023 - Clif High Substack 20231004 - Happy Trails… October 4, 2023 - Clif High BitChute ...Listen now (29 mins) | going to be ever so interesting. costco touhy Thank You Cliff, sending good vibes to you and your family. As well as to the community. In the silence of our mindfulness, the knowingness of the collective, and the awarenesses to see. jesus calling august 3 - Clif High Substack 20230928 - Splits Happen… September 27, 2023 ... ttw archive invalidation clif high. Apr 18, 2023. 729. ... Universe LOVES Pirates! Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 195. Share. Universe LOVES Pirates! Sharpen your knives! It had been ‘an ordinary world’, in 1997, then the results of the first run of my software were produced, thus ending the last bit of my naivete still hanging ... hamilton journal news obituaries today I'm having a good time too Clif. I keep telling people stuff I hear from you. BTW, the consensus is I'm a conspiracy theorist (guilty) and you're crazy. I think you're the most interesting man in the world. cars screencaps - Clif High Substack 20230802 – Old Instruction Set… August 2, 2023 ...clif high. Jan 7, 2023 ... BIG UGLY in NormieLand. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 283. Share. Below is the second Vox Populi of 2023. These are mailed out on an irregular, but semi-frequent basis throughout the legislative season here in Washington State in order that our dismal politicians may get some contact ... white round pill 54 033 clif high. Feb 11, 2022 ... Legislator Be Advised #8. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 27. Share. Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised #8. February 11, 2022. TIMING is everything. Currently the WA State DOH TAG board is doing Klaus Schwab's bidding via Inslee's push for the demand for vaccination against covid to ... ark of grace blogspot Also Cliff is on Substack. Cliff High. Greg Reese reads his great synopsis on what's happening. Start 23The 5th generation unrestricted war is moving into the awareness of the American People. It is the conditions propelled by the Death of the Federal Reserve Note (FRN aka "the dollar") that is driving all the human reactions. The reactions of social degradation ARE HERE NOW, and will be very much worse by Summer! optavia protein conversion chart Mother WEFfers. The goal is to craft a suit well enough to withstand the pretrial challenges. Without regard to the result, just getting into a trial to present the mountains of evidence is a victory. There will be many opportunities for Public Relations / Education victories as the suit progresses. Mother WEFfer.eir descriptors and the supporting modifiers. It was the timing that was always a bitch. The data sets filled in with descriptor sets through the 2000s, until we arrive at the point of the actual emergence of what had been forecast, the Satoshi White Paper, and the birth of Cryptocurrencies. 2022 optic baseball checklist clif high. Feb 19, 2022. 473. ... Comutare. Copy link. Facebook. Email. Notes. Other. 106. Share. The 19th of February starts us off on a rising ‘intensity’ value forecast in my emotional reduction engine algorithms. This forecast metric is at the top of the range of intensity attribute values as they have ...Mary's Nest showed How to make L. reuteri yogurt about a month ago. Please check out her YouTube channel. ballinger weather radar This colony, Earth. - by clif high. This Colony, Earth. Six thousand years ago, more or less, Earth was invaded by Space Aliens. They came down all around the planet, in the lands just north of the Tropic of Cancer. The Space Alien invasion arrived in a small, but heavily armed, force, with the clear intent to conquer and colonize Earth. inscryption map symbols 08:35 Unripe, non-nutritious fruit. 10:00 Clif is 3X cancer survivor: Breast, Skin and Colon Cancer; Vegetarian for 30 years. 12:00 Manipulators have been creating false food narradigm since at least 1902; Khazarian Mafia are not Jews. 14:09 Elite are nonworking, nonproductive class-media and managerial class. 16:05 Statins study was ...- Clif High Substack 20230920 - Carbon Chips! September 20, 2023 . Uncategorized 20230920 - AIiiiiiiiiiiigh! September 20, 2023 . Various Interviewers 20230917 - Dr Reiner Fuellmich Interview. September 17, 2023 . Tags. 5G (1) Antarctica (4) Banksters (1) biosphere (4) Blue Chicken Cult (1) Boscovich (1) C60 (2 ...- Clif High Substack 20231011 - PsyFi World. October 11, 2023 - Clif High Substack 20231004 - Personal Discipline. October 4, 2023 - Clif High Substack ...